How It Started

"Conversations Build Relationships, Not TikTok!"

Bella: "Babe, I love this pillow talk!"
Christian: "What the hell is pillow talk?"


yeah, seriously, Christian didn't know what pillow talk meant! After a month of working from home during the pandemic and our screen time hitting a little over 6 hours a day, we decided one night to put down our phones before bed, and we had 4 hour conversation until 2am! 


The next day, Christian had the idea of storing conversation starters inside of a decorative pillow so that when we got in bed, we had a reason to put down our phones and continue to build our relationship through conversation, not TikTok.
Pillow Talk Conversations


As a leadership and personal development coach, Bella heads the conversation creation process. The process is rather complex and time consuming, because we don't just ask basic questions. Have you ever asked your significant other, "What did you have to learn to love about me?"


Think about it for a second....



  Our questions are designed to tackle three major problems; the fear of becoming vulnerable, not knowing the right questions to ask your partner, and the inability to hold a conversation, a skill that many young adults and children are suffering from as a result of social media and digital consumption. 
Each card includes a main question in order for you become vulnerable, as well as a follow up question to help you go beyond the surface level and continue the conversation. Additionally, some cards contain a "connect" card which help you to create a connection outside of a conversation.



We hope you find Pillow Talk & Co. to be a valuable resource for your relationship and if you ever want to have a conversation with us, we're always available!


Let's Get Talkin',
Bella + Christian